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We are an European agency providing integrated advertising and PR services, such as communication strategy, concept development, influencer marketing, PR, brand activations, digital marketing campaigns, just to name a few.

We firmly believe that if you're not enjoying it, you simply have to change how you do it.

Forever Summer is all about making friends from all around the world so consider us your dependable sidekick. We offer a basket full of creative goodies as well as an array of consultation services to the table, ensuring that your projects shine and sparkle, just like the sun during the (forever) summer.

We're as adaptable as a Yoga Master and as curious as a cat, constantly eager to learn fresh tactics to make your projects stand out. Working with us will provide you with a steady supply of new ideas and creativity, as well as a lot of devotion along the way and a persistent search to understand your needs.

Our relationship with you could be a lot like a Forever Summer, dynamic yet relaxed, inspiring, and of course full of possibilities. We're committed to making your experience a perfect blend of hard work, excitement, and relaxation.

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We seek knowledge and we believe that effective communication & marketing are built on a foundation of meticulous research and relevant data. There's a vast world of the unknown, but we trust the learning process: anything is achievable with a genuine desire to learn.


Our guiding idea is, as Leonardo Da Vinci once remarked, "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". We excel at easily handling our clients' projects, going above and beyond to become trusted advisors, providing clarity and creative assistance throughout their path.


Our promise is crystal clear: we provide no-nonsense communication and content that slices through the noise. Forever Summer believes in open and honest dialogue, ensuring you're always in the know, while being offered the most honest consultancy services.


Our agency believes that every challenge holds a solution. By working as a close, strong and united team and by maintaining a fruitful communication, we can overcome any problem. Supporting each other along the way also helps us transform obstacles into opportunities.


We’re proud to embrace diversity, inclusion, and equity as the heart of our agency. Every voice is celebrated, and we have zero tolerance for discrimination and exclusion, whether it's related to sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, or any other form.


Creativity is in our blood. We always come up with fresh ideas or bring life to the old ones, crafting vibrant campaigns that capture the essence of your brand. We make sure that every project we touch turns into something special through long brainstorming sessions and a lot of research.




A true Millennial at core, Dorian has a background of almost 20 years working in communication, PR & marketing and has been building his professional expertise around strategy, creative communication and campaign management. During this time he worked for many clients in FMCG, health & pharma, tech, leisure & wellness, travel, finance, energy & industry, public institutions and NGOs. He graduated from the Journalism and Communication Sciences School and has a MA in Brand Management and Business Communications. Before establishing his own agency, he used to work for more than eight years in a major communications & PR agency.

In 2020 he was elected as Grand Jury member for New York Advertising Festivals, in 2018 in the jury of the Romanian PR Award and in the Romanian Eurobest competition by The Alternative School for Creative Thinking. He is also a constant speaker at international and national industry events. He is a big supporter of science, diversity & inclusion, human rights & environmental conservation and he loves traveling, over 25 countries so far and counting, history, geography, music, movies and arts. He is fluent in English and French, and just started learning Spanish. Has a very spoiled cat, named Cleopatra. While he is based in Bucharest, Romania, you can find him almost anywhere in Europe, working remotely and traveling.

Ioana Pîrjolescu-Piekalski

Managing Partner

Meet Ioana, our Managing Partner & a genuine Content Marketer, driven by a deep passion for researching and understanding people. With an extensive academic background in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology, she excels in unraveling the secrets of human behavior. As a Communication Consultant at Rogalski Damaschin PR, Ioana worked with renowned clients like Novartis Romania and Dell Technologies Romania, honing her skills in Client & Project Management, Event Planning, Research and Social Media. Transitioning to freelancing in 2022, she collaborated with diverse marketing agencies, showcasing her expertise in tech, culture, tourism, and management & education. Ioana is your trusted friend when it comes to content. Her meticulous approach leaves no room for fluff or nonsense, only content that genuinely engages people. Embracing a culture of exploration and growth, she brings a fresh perspective to every project. Her warm and lively personality infuses the room with an air of excitement and fun. Ioana finds solace in nature and holds a special affection for furry friends. She’s also the type of person who’s always willing to recommend a good book or movie, and her rock & absolute best friend is her husband. If you’re ever in Barcelona, you will find her there, always up for a delightful rendezvous over drinks and a lively chat about all things Marketing and beyond.


Working with us is all plain sailing

Yes, we’ll be your agency, but more importantly we’ll be your partners. Working with us means getting a team of enthusiastic and creative individuals who are devoted to turning your objectives and ideas into reality.

We're not your typical corporate people

We're real, friendly, and down-to-earth people who embrace the culture of curiosity. Our easy-going and realistic approach creates an environment where ideas flow freely and where teamwork is exceptionally harmonious.

Our expertise is based on extensive experience

We've sailed across many industries and worked with clients ranging from ambitious startups to mighty giants. We have a history of coordinating campaigns that have won prestigious awards at international festivals.

Being Millennials and Gen Z ourselves, we understand what our generations crave

We're a team that speaks your language and understands your wishes and needs. And even if you don’t know exactly what your needs are, our job here is to help you find out.


Enhanced brand visibility

Precise and compelling market positioning

Thorough audience screening using advanced research techniques 

Elevated brand public image and reputation

Customized communication tailored for your target audience

Ensuring you relevance in today’s fast paced culture

Pioneering innovations in your communication approach


Our vision at Forever Summer is to be part of a community of creative minds

We aspire to break through barriers, broaden horizons, and create initiatives that leave a lasting impression. We imagine a world in which creativity knows no boundaries and each endeavor enjoys the warmth of a never-ending summer.

Our mission is to be your
trusted partner

Whether you're an agency looking to conquer the world or a company looking to spread your wings far and wide. We love sharing our bag of tricks and guiding you through the maze of possibilities. You can count on us to be your cheering squad and your trusted partners.



In March 2023, TV5Monde, the largest and most important global french television launched in Romania TV5MondePlus, its streaming platform in French, with a Romanian interface and subtitles.

The on-demand platform is accessible for free on all devices, namely the web, mobile applications, connected TV, and smart TV.

Our agency was in charge of communication strategy and planning, PR, copywriting, event planning and influencer relations.

The Future of Organizations, the largest coaching and leadership conference in Southeast Europe took place in Bucharest in March 2023.

Organized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Romania brought together experts, coaches with extensive local and international experience.

Our agency was in charge of communication strategy and planning, creative design, digital marketing, social media copywriting and PR.

Founded in 1992 in Poland, Canpack is currently one of the leading global manufacturers of aluminum, metal, glass and lid packaging, producing aluminum cans for the soft drink and alcoholic beverage industries.

In Romania, the Group is present through Canpack Romania, the only factory in our country that produces aluminum cans. The factory is located in Bucharest, where over 280 people who are passionate about what they do work.

Our agency was in charge of creating the social media strategy and planning as well as the execution of the plan, producing text and visual content for LinkedIn’s profile page.


Kiss FM, the leading radio station in Romania, launched at the end of 2022 the second edition of the Bursa de Merit Mai Mult campaign.

Through this campaign, Kiss FM supports education in Romania and especially the prevention of school dropouts. The “Bursa de Merit Mai Mult” campaign, initiated by Kiss FM, in partnership with the World Vision Romania organization, aimed to identify over 20 young people in the next month who will receive scholarships totaling 200,000 lei so that they can be covered with the educational and study needs.

Our agency offered communication and PR consultancy, as well as the implementation of the PR plan.


The comedy “The Good Boss”, with Javier Bardem in the leading role, winner of the Oscar, Golden Globe, Goya and Bafta awards, was promoted in Romania in 2022.

The direction is signed by the Spanish Fernando Leon de Aranoa. The film won multiple Goya Awards (Spanish Oscars) for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Original Screenplay, Best Music, Best Editing.

Our agency offered communication & marketing planning, copywriting, creative design and PR.


Transilvania Film is an independent film distribution company that emerged in response to the evolution of the film audience in Romania, an audience that has become increasingly interested in art cinema in recent years.

Founded by the same team that established the Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF), the company aimed to enrich the film offerings in Romanian cinemas with several outstanding productions – successful independent films that have achieved both box office success and recognition at major world festivals.

Our agency provided social media strategy and planning, as well as digital marketing and creative.


Cannes Lions - Gold Lion in 2016 for Entertainment and Silver Lion in 2018 for Health, SABRE, Digital Communication Award, but also at local festivals such as Effie - Grand Effie in 2018 and Romanian PR Award.



Market Intelligence
Creative concept
Graphic Design
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Management
Social media
TV & Radio
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Audit & Strategy
Direct emailing
Influencer relations & marketing
Qualitative Research
Diversity & Inclusion Communications


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